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ICCS 18 | International Children's Continence Society

Meeting Chair: Mario de Gennaro
26-29 September 2018, Rome
EACCME® Accreditation

ICCS 2018 Annual Meeting, Rome, Italy, 26/09/2018-29/09/2018
has been granted 17 European CME credits (ECMEC®s)

Benvenuti a Roma!

I am immensely proud and happy to invite all researchers, clinicians and professionals involved in the pediatric urinary tract – in short, all friends of the ICCS – to Rome in September 26-29. Our Society has now been all over the world, in (so far) all continents except Antarctica and the time is ripe to return to the Eternal city. Rome is not only one of the cradles of Western civilisation, home of the Pope and a place of great art, architecture and food, it is also the place where my friends Mario de Gennaro and Giovanni Mosiello (and others) live and work, as well as a global travel hub and great place to meet.

Our local organiser and ICCS Educational Chairman has ensured that the venue and surroundings will be perfect for the presentation and communication of science. A quick glance at the program will reveal that almost everything of relevance to the pediatric urinary tract and its malfunction will be covered and that there will be ample opportunities not just to listen and learn, and present your own experiences, but also to interact with global experts in the field. So, come to Rome and talk, listen, teach and learn (and eat and drink and look at the sights as well)! Immerse yourself in Science, Culture and good company. Ci vediamo!


Tryggve Nevéus

President, International Children’s Continence Society

Dear Colleagues,

After 25 years the ICCS Meeting is back in Rome. ICCS grew incredibly over time: from when it was only a biennial symposium in 1992, and I served as a member of the scientific committee, to when, in Disneyland Paris, it became a Scientific Society in 2000, to now, with an official Annual Congress, that I am honored to chair this year.

A prestigious group of colleagues from different medical and health specialties, representing all continents,

will come together to discuss the care of children with incontinence and bladder symptoms. A special course will be dedicated to Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction, in collaboration with international scientific societies. September is the perfect time to visit the Eternal City, and our location is right next to the unforgettable Trevi Fountain.

Welcome to Rome!

Mario De Gennaro

Chairman Educational Committee, International Children's Continence Society

Pediatric Urology & Robotic Surgery, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù, Roma

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