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ESSIC Annual Meeting 2019

Amsterdam | 5-7 December 2019

DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal Station

Meeting Chair: Dick Janssen

casette Amsterdam - striscia.jpg


  • How to implement a multidisciplinary team to deliver state-of-art healthcare for BPS and its associated comorbidities                              

  • "Who does what in the multidisciplinary team?

  • (physiotherapy, sexuality, comorbidities including auto-immune disorders, counselling & pain management)"                              

  • Evidence based & novel diagnostic & treatment modalities for BPS and associated co morbidities        

  • How to involve patients: the patients perspective on BPS healthcare with tips on how to avoid diagnostic delay and incomplete diagnoses                 

  • Healthcare access: Interactive discussions on how to improve access to BPS treatment (reimbursement, government policies)                             

  • Update on the ESSIC guidelines                              

  • Basic science & subtyping: Novel data on pathophysiology                       

  • Sacral neuromodulation                             

  • BPS & OAB                        

  • Female Stress Urinary Incontinence and BPS: treatment options                           

  • Female/male genitourinary pain                            

  • Bacterial tissue damage and chronic prostatitis               

  • Bladder Microbiome

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