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EUGA 12th Annual Congress

Tel Aviv, 16 - 18 Oct. 2019

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Welcome Messages

Dear EUGA members and friends,

it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the 2019 EUGA Annual Congress in Tel Aviv. It is the first congress of my presidency of EUGA and I am especially proud because our association has been growing steadily and it now has more than 4500 members. The Scientific Committee headed by Michele Meschia has spent a great deal of time preparing this year’s programme, which is of outstanding scientific level and will see the participation of worldwide renowned speakers.

We are expecting to receive a large number of abstracts and are confident that their scientific level will contribute to enriching the programme, which will also include several interesting workshops. 

We are particularly happy to be hosted by our Israeli affiliates and count on their proverbial efficiency so that all of you feel welcome and relaxed.

I look forward to meeting you in Tel Aviv.

Stavros Athanasiou

EUGA President

Dear Colleagues

It is our great honor and pleasure to invite you to the forthcoming 12th EUGA annual meeting that will be held in Tel Aviv on October 16-18, 2019. Apart from the interesting, innovative, important and scientific content, you will have an opportunity to see and taste the diverse and beautiful flavors of Israel.

Israel is a country of immense natural beauty, world-class culture, tremendous history and amazing people. From Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Israel is a center of faith and holiness to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. After his first trip to Israel, Pastor Mark Batterson tweeted: “One revelation from our trip to Israel? I read the Bible wrong! Just knowing the geography adds nuances of meaning". While Jerusalem is the home to major sites of religious significance and pilgrimage causing a unique spiritual experience for everyone, Tel Aviv is the beating heart of Israel in its cultural, culinary and nightlife scene. Tel Aviv is nicknamed the “Big Orange” thanks to its pulsating, vibrant, 24/7 lifestyle. UNESCO has designated the "White City architecture" of Tel Aviv as one of 24 new World Heritage Sites. There are really countless reasons to be in Tel Aviv - the beautiful beaches, the vibrant culture, the unique shopping, the insane nightlife, the fabulous gay-pride parade, and finally the food!!! Tel Aviv is a foodie paradise. From amazing restaurants and trendy hipster bistros to the best of Middle Eastern street food, the city has it all.

It is our privilege to host EUGA conference in Tel Aviv. The conference will include an interesting, innovative and stimulating scientific program, as well as an enjoyable social program, with the aim to make you familiar with the fascinating and inspiring atmosphere of Tel Aviv and the holy land.

The EUGA annual meeting is really a special medical meeting, with its own unique culture and focus. The essence of this meeting is to allow European urogynecologists to share and exchange ideas and present different approaches to the pathologies that we encounter every day regarding pelvic floor, while still having fun with friends and colleagues. There will be a wide offering of workshops on timely topics to enhance your practice. Abstract and video sessions have been scheduled during the meeting with podium presentations and posters, giving the opportunity to researchers to discuss scientific results with the floor.

We look forward to seeing you in Tel Aviv, presenting your research, participating in the scientific exchange, mingling and having a fun time for a successful and exciting conference.

Shimon Ginath

EUGA 2019 Meeting Chair

Defoe, CME Provider and Medtech Trusted partner, will submit the conference through the Conference Vetting System for a compliance review. Defoe will observe standard Medtech requirements to guarantee a proper and transparent management of both sponsorship and any registration grants offered by Medtech associated industries. All arrangements are however subject to local Laws as well as to National rules and regulations of CME/CPD accreditation

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